Contracts will be awarded based on the information presented in the proposals received. We will award contracts based on the proposal expected to be the most beneficial to our project based on a variety of factors. Stractical, LLC reserves the right to award more than one contract, accept the lowest price offer, award contracts before the proposal deadline listed in the timeline, award contracts before all proposals are received, and refuse any contract without obligation to Stractical, LLC or to the company offering the proposal.

All offers submitted will be considered based upon the materials provided in the proposal. Consideration will be given to performance projections as well as cost and staff requirements. Only those proposals submitted by the deadline herein will be considered. The following criteria will be the primary considerations for selecting a proposal:

1. Submission of all proposals in the correct format by the stated deadline.
2. The perceived effectiveness of the proposal’s solution for RSVP DFW and Houston.
3. The perceived ability for the proposing company’s ability to deliver their services set forth in their proposal.
4. The proposing company’s past performance in delivering such services.
5. Availability of sufficient high quality personnel with the required skills for the specific approach proposed.
6. Overall cost of the proposal. Stractical, LLC may suspend or discontinue proposals at any time without notice or obligation to the company that submitted the proposal.

All proposals must be submitted to Stractical, LLC by November 06, 2017 to be considered for their contribution to RSVP DFW and Houston. If you have any questions before submitting, please contact

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