Stractical is Creating Diabolically Engineered Sales Professionals

Feb 10, 2017 | Newsroom

(Allen, TX) – February 10, 2017 – The City of Allen welcomes new business, Stractical, LLC., which focuses on business, sales and operations strategy.

Stractical helps organizations and individuals get back-to-the-basics by ensuring they have a stable foundation to build their sales empire on. Stractical is located at 303 S. Jupiter Road, Suite 100, Allen, TX 75002.

“The world of sales training, coaching and personal development continues to over evolve,” says Thomas J. Morganelli, Chairman and President of Stractical. “New experts are popping up every day with the next magical technique that is going to propel your company’s sales force into the future. With all that snake oil and innovation, sales people become lazy, work less, produce less, burn out and leave.”

Morganelli started out as an entrepreneur. Through that time, he experienced all the ups and downs that come with owning a successful business. His experience and drive pushed him into the corporate world where put to use his experience and developing the Sales Support Program for FedEx Office, which is currently used in the field by hundreds of team members and their managers nationwide.

“Since every company has its own unique DNA, typical overly complicated, cookie cutter sales methodologies only provide a nominal impact to your organization’s top line sales,” says Morganelli. “At Stractical, we complete a 360-degree assessment in order to design a customized sales process.”

Stractical’s unique approach to sales and business strategy sets it apart from its competition and is helping businesses across the country navigate the complex world of sales.

During his time at corporate, Morganelli still sought after the inspiration of the entrepreneurial journey and began working with the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce, eventually chairing their Top Investor Steward Council. Morganelli is a mentor at the Dallas Entrepreneurial Center both Addison Treehouse and Stoke location.

About Stractical
Stractical, LLC. is a Texas based company that opened its doors in January 2017. Stractical has over 30 years’ experience in B2B and B2C sales. To learn more visit